Eamonn Bellin


My name is Eamonn Bellin and I’m super excited to be your Honors Peer Advisor next year, though not so excited that it becomes weird for you, I’ll leave that to the CI staff. I hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and am pursuing a double major in International Affairs and Philosophy. Regarding extracurricular work, I’m involved with research in the philosophy department and play for our school’s Ultimate Frisbee team, the G-Dub Hippos (copyright pending). I lived in West Hall freshman year and modestly consider myself an expert on the subtle art of making Mt. Vernon awesome. It can be done. Career aspirations of mine are nebulous to the point of nonexistent, but I’m fascinated by political and ethical philosophy’s reflection in global relations and could see myself pursuing careers in academia or government some day in the comfortably distant future. In parting, some advice I deem indispensable: go to the M and 18th St. Chipotle because they accept G-World, get to know the Vex drivers as they’re the most interesting people on campus and refrain from attempting to walk on the Potomac when it freezes in winter…can attest, will not support your weight.

Preferred Advising Topics: origins, philosophy, international affairs, double majoring, Mt. Vernon life, club sports, faculty research partnerships

Email: epbellin@gwu.edu


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