Michaela Stanch


SPA Selfie
Hello! I am a rising senior, originally from Friendswood, Texas. I am majoring in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering. I am also minoring in International Affairs with a concentration in International Environmental Studies. Don’t let that long name fool you: I, like many students in the UHP, am interested in a wide variety of subjects and have a major/minor program that reflects that. I am really interested in international water treatment and sustainable infrastructure.
Fun fact about myself: I was sorted into Hufflepuff house on Pottermore. I feel like this is especially fitting since I cook a lot and always want to be near the kitchen. And those loyalty, patient, fair, and hard-working characteristics are important to, but mainly food.
This summer, I will be working for the National Park Service in the National Mall and Memorial Parks Division. I get to combine my civil engineering skills with my love of obscure memorials, so bonus points to anyone who can correctly guess which memorial is in my selfie! Hint: I took this selfie during a morning run so it is within 3 miles of campus. If you’re ever up for some obscure facts or a fun run around the monuments, let me know!
Preferred Advising Topics: Scheduling, majoring/minoring across schools, stress management, self care, four year plans
Email: mstanch@gwu.edu