Samantha Lewis


Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I’m a senior in Columbian College double majoring in Political Science and Communication. I’m a South Florida native (anyone from Miami or Boca around here?!) but adore the district too much to ever go back home. All those years in Florida have my playlists full of Reggaeton/various other styles of Spanish music, and I’d love to share them with you! I spend my time in DC interning at all sorts of places, including nonprofits, startups, and the White House. My favorite thing is finding the newest internships to apply to and broadening my horizons through such an amazing city. I’m also pretty good at figuring out how GW’s classes can expand my interests. I’d love to tell you about how I got involved in basic computer programming which led to one of my internships, and how I spent a spring break in Normandy studying a soldier who died in the campaign from my hometown. I’m free to chat whenever and look forward to hearing more about you!

Preferred Advising Topics: Internships, Four year plans, Double/Triple counting classes



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