Sammi Fischer

2015-7-8 Edited (1)

Hey y’all! My name is Sammi Fischer, and I am a junior from Glendora, California (suburb of LA). I am a part of the best department on campus majoring in political communication #SMPAproud. I’m also pursuing a minor in art history, my second love. This spring, I plan to study abroad in Florence, Italy where I’m going to cry on a daily basis over the beauty of the city’s art and architecture. Growing up just a short drive from Disneyland, I have been raised as a Disney girl through and through. Main Street is my home away from home. Over the years, I have written 4 research papers on Walt Disney and held a Disneyland annual pass 8 times. I’m also always looking for people to love the arts with me! So for any UHP Disney lovers or anyone interested in seeing a Kennedy Center show, come chat with me! I cannot wait to meet you all this year!

Preferred Advising Topics: Being a self-identified procrastinator, four year plans, double majoring and studying abroad, dealing with crazy roommates and living far away from home!



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