Wyn Dobbs

Wyn MedSchool photo


My name is Wyn Dobbs, and I am currently a Junior in the Honors program for the class of 2018. I am enrolled in the Elliot School of International Affairs, and I am also on the pre-med track. I really enjoy taking the diverse coursework because it allows me to sufficiently understand a broad range of topics. I am from Mississippi, and DC is the largest metropolitan area that I have ever lived in. A fun fact about me is that I lived in France for 6 months on a foreign exchange program during my Junior year of high school. I am still fluent in French and I try to maintain it everyday. I am currently the guitar player in my band, RedLine. I love the outdoors, and sports such as rock climbing and wake boarding. I am very excited to be a peer advisor for the Honors Program. The Honors Program is special because of the community it builds within GW. It allows for entering honors students to quickly become immersed in GW by getting connected with students who are already involved.

Preferred Advising Topics: time management, and general college-life questions

Email: wyndobbs@gwu.edu


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