Zach Sanders


My name is Zach Sanders, I’m part of the Columbian College Class of 2018, and a proud member of the University Honors Program! I’m a History major, minoring in Law & Society and Jazz Studies – my own sort of a Pre-Law track. I’m heavily involved with the Music Department, specifically the Jazz Program, GW Bands, and the GW Jazz Orchestra. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about Music at GW! I’m also involved in many different Pre-Law groups, including the GW Undergraduate Law Review (a Pre-Law Student Association publication) and GW Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity. I’ve interned at the American Bar Association, worked as a research assistant in the History department, and worked at law firms in my native New Jersey. And of course, I would be more than happy to recommend a few good history courses. My favorite thing in DC is the Lincoln Memorial at night. Take the time one night – 1am or later – to go and read the Gettysburg Address and the First Inaugural in the stillness of the night. Trust me – it’s not just a history nerd thing. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Preferred Advising Topics: Four year plans, time management, Pre-Law, Music, Columbian-related Advising



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